Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Hitchhiker's Guide to... ohh look! Something shiny!

One thousand words for April 4, 2007. No specific topic once again, I suppose I will work on selecting a topic rather than simply rambling on about random topics…
Speaking of random, I have been reading “The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide” for the last few days so a review of the story so far seems to be a good random direction for today’s entry. “The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide” is a compilation of all five Hitchhiker novels and one story in a single leatherbound volume. It really is a very nice book, makes you feel as if you are reading something a little more substantial than you really are. But that illusion fits precisely into the theme of the book, which seems to me to be that nothing that happens in this Universe is really random or meaningless. Nor is it planned or significant. It just is, and the more you struggle to change things the more they simply do whatever the heck it is they were going to do anyway. At least that seems to be the general theme to me right now, although it may change suddenly at random somewhere in the third novel (which is where I am right now.)
So the first novel was brilliant. I have to confess, although it will surely hit my geek cred that I saw the movie before reading the book in the first place but in this case it was a good order in which to go. It helped me visualize some of the unvisualizable things in this book. I am a very big fan of humor with a straight face, and there are very few jokes in this book that are told with even a glimmer of a smile. I used a British voice to narrate in my head, since that is the best accent in my opinion for speaking pure and unadulterated nonsense with a grim and serious face.

OK, so writing book reviews is much harder than it looks. I feel like this is the appropriate place to add an example of the serious absurdity which I so enjoyed listening to the British voice in my head relate, but I am too lazy to open the book and find one. Is that really important?

Gaah! I just discovered that not only am I too lazy to open the book and select an appropriate excerpt, I am also too lazy to type a thousand words today.

Pulitzer, here I come!

Wednesday April 4, 2007 - 11:43am (EDT)
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