Friday, February 10, 2012

Job Application...

Good Afternoon,
I must first apologize for two things: Missing that requirement in the job posting in the first place, and secondly for taking so long to respond. I can offer some lame excuses for the first, but the second was truly a bit more difficult mentally and emotionally. I can honestly say that I am an old-fashioned patriot. Having said that, it is a bit difficult for me to watch what is happening in our country today. My feelings for my country run deep, but even so I have allowed myself to be overwhelmed by all of the partisan, negative bickering that dominates the 24-hour news cycle. Being so overwhelmed, it took me a little while to dig through the debris and find the words to express the feelings that are still there but dusty and unused.
So here is my essay, as requested. It is short, and probably incomplete. But I can assure you that it is genuine.

Thanks for your consideration.

What is my view of America? I view America as a father, grateful that I can raise my kids here where the definition of “poor” would be called “wealthy” in other nations. I view America as a Veteran who has seen what the world looks like outside America, and was never more happy than when my boots hit the ground of my homeland once again. I view America as an American – independent, hard-working, and responsible, demanding nothing more than an honest wage for what I have earned, and the right to use my earnings as I see fit, yet still giving happily of my earnings to those who are less fortunate. I view America as an outdoorsman who enjoys learning and practicing skills that, due to the beneficence of this great Nation, are no longer essential to my survival or that of my family. I view America as an heir of the millions of men and women who have, literally or symbolically pledged their “lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor” to found, build, govern, and protect this Nation.

I view America as my home, and the greatest nation on Earth. And for that view, I am eternally grateful.

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