Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Resolute Lack of Writerlyness

New Year's Resolutions...

Oh wait. I hate New Year's resolutions. Why do we have to wait until the first of January to make promises that we are going to forget to keep a week later? For this purpose, I resolve not to make any resolutions. There. That's one I can keep. Here's another - I resolve to quit resolving to start writing every day. Done and done.

I do love writing. I write blog entries in my head every day driving home from work. I have some seriously brilliant insights into life, the universe, and everything. I compose paragraph after paragraph of intelligently researched and creatively phrased prose that will inspire people to change and fix all the world's problems.

Then I get home.

Sometimes I even sit down to compose a brilliant blog post. I have two or three incomplete ones saved. I have a couple of short stories and several novels that are incomplete. For some reason I have yet to push myself to finish them.

No, I know the reason.

Because it is hard. Because the only motivation I have is that I enjoy doing it. Because I know that all I really need is for a brilliant publisher to stumble across this poor, neglected blog or my work on The Piker Press and realize that I am The Next Great American Author and fly immediately to my front door to offer me a multi-million dollar publishing contract.

Or, because I just haven't resolved to write every day often enough. So, here I go:

I resolve to write every day.

There. First resolution of the year broken.

You happy now?