Wednesday, October 4, 2006

27 days or so...

27 days or so...
I am so excited for NaNo this year that I am having trouble accomplishing anything at work except constantly lurking in the forums waiting for someone to respond to one of my posts!
I have volunteered to be an ML this year, although Erin has not yet responded to bestow this singular honor upon me. There is another in my area, so I guess I would actually be a Co-ML which actually makes me feel much better. I spend all of my time (not spent lurking) daydreaming about the spectacular space battles that I will write and the surprising plot twists that I can create. Of course, I learned last year that it is difficult to anticipate where a story will go once you jump in. Quite often they have a mind of their own, and end up places where you never expected them to go. So all of my advance preparation will most likely go out the airlock the first time my MC takes the stick of his space fighter. (Murphy's laws of combat: No plan survives the first thirty seconds of contact intact... Also applies to NaNovels!) But that is the fun of it! Since I am more concerned with knocking out 1700 words per day than I am sticking to the outline, I am free to explore this world and not get stuck in chapter one when I can't figure out how to make a kid born on the wrong side of the tracks get into the prestigious space academy. If I get stuck on that, I can just skip to the space academy, and re-write in February!
OK, I have rambled on enough. It is time to actually earn some of that salary I get.
Happy Noveling!

Wednesday October 4, 2006 - 10:00am (EDT)

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