Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Law of Average (Continued)

This is a continuation of a previous entry, which may have some potential for a complete story... (you never know, right?)
Jaime was once again, utterly disgusted. His team had won tonight, spectacularly even against their primary rivals. A thirty-point lead at the end of the fourth quarter had been the only thing that had finally prompted the coach to put Jaime in. For two plays. Then, it was back to the sideline.
Jaime reasoned with himself that he really should be glad to have played. That was better than most games, in which he didn't even get a single play. But for some reason, he felt even more depressed than usual. Worst of all, instead of just going home to feel sorry for himself, his ride to the game was staying for the customary dance afterwards. Jaime was not sure it could get much worse. He showered and dressed, and slowly wandered up through the deserted school to the cafeteria where the music was already thumping. Spirits were high, especially among the football team. To defeat the team from the next county by such a large margin was certainly reason for celebration. On top of that, many others like Jaime had gotten some playing time, and they were certainly primed for celebration. Not Jaime though. He found an empty chair in a dark corner, and determined to spend the night feeling sorry for himself.
Fish was one of Jaime's team mates, and probably one of his best friends. As far as friends go, Jaime really didn't have many, although he was generally well-liked. It just seemed like that same law that kept him from achieving anything really extraordinary also kept him from forming any really deep friendships. More than anyone else though, Fish was the exception. Tonight there was a girl with him.
(Sorry, real life intrudes. More later... I hope!)

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