Friday, February 27, 2009


Perhaps you have noticed, this is a new blog. It is not my first however. (It is my second - if that makes any difference...) My first was on Yahoo 360. For those of you fortunate enough to have never heard of 360, it is Yahoo's attempt to break into the Social Networking scene. (I should have said: Yahoo's miserably failed attempt...) When I decided that the Internet could not live another moment without another blog, I set mine up on Yahoo 360. Why? Because.

Now, for pretty much the same reason, I have decided to move to Blogger. (Or Blogspot, or Google, or whatever this place is...)

What to do with the 50 or 60 blog posts that I left back on 360? Not sure. I tried bringing them here, but Yahoo does not seem too eager to make that easy for me. So for now, I will just provide a link here to the old place, and invite you to wander back over there and check them out. You might find something interesting, then again you might just decide that I deserve to remain eternally, an aspiring writer only.

Either way, thanks for stopping by!

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