Monday, February 15, 2010

Sonnet #2

For Valentine's Day, I wrote my second sonnet. This one is a bit less mushy and lovey-dovey, but I wanted it to be a bit more representative of the journey I have taken with my beautiful companion so far in life. So it may in fact be a bit more romantic. But it's a sonnet, right? It's supposed to be! (For those of you out there who are horribly interested in such things, the structure of this sonnet is not perfect. See if you can see where I broke the rules...)

Sonnet # 2

As day after day together we live
And year after year, together we grow,
Discover more of what life has to give
And learn more of what life would have us know.

Seasons change, years pass, we do all we can
To learn from mistakes, to grow from our pain.
We stop to look back, see how far we ran
lessons we've learned, since our journey began.

Wiser now, and so far we have traveled
Richer now, yet without fortune or fame
Plans of our youth we see are unraveled
Why do we press on? What goal to achieve?

It's the journey we live for, not the prize at the end
The roads and the trails, what's around the next bend.

© 2010 Tyler Willson. All rights reserved

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